Welcome to XGAL: David Sobral’s research & outreach group webpage!

Hi! Here you can learn a lot and keep up with what staff, students and interns have been doing within our Observational Astrophysics group at the Lancaster University’s Physics Department and particularly in David Sobral‘s XGAL research group. Subscribe our XGAL Youtube channel, watch videos and our weekly live Astronomy talk show, “The Earth is Flat on Planet Pluto”.

To learn more about what we do and who we are, click here! You can also check the international experiences of our students and our yearly Astro conference #LancAstrophysics.

We are extremely grateful to the support received by The Ogden Trust, who have funded 7 internships already and also awarded one of our interns, Emma Dodd, the Ogden Trust intern of the year 2017 award. We also thank the RAS for internship funding. Our internships and the Astrophysics group project give undergraduate students the unique opportunity to conduct state-of-the-art research and work individually and in teams to learn more about our cosmic origins. These experiences provide future generations with valuable tools that can be applied in virtually all areas of society with long-lasting impact.

Dr David Sobral, the XGAL PI. E-mail: d.sobral at lancaster.ac.uk; Twitter: @d_sobral_

The 2019 XGAL team, from left to right: David Sobral, Heather Wade, Amaia Imaz Blanco, Emma Dodd, Cassandra Barlow-Hall, Josh Butterworth, Harry Baker, João Calhau, Sérgio Santos.