2nd Blog Post: HST Grism

This week, most of the University Observational Astrophysics department went to Hull on a National Astronomy Meeting (NAM), so as a team we had to be more independent. To this effect, we had a meeting on Tuesday so that we could all discuss with each other what exactly we were doing, and what our results so far were. We could then give each other feedback on what we could do to improve, and what to do next.

I have been working on measurement improvements, and including errors in my results mainly. I also found several mistakes from last week which I needed to correct. David had sent us a code which included the flux error, contamination from other sources, and another set of data from which I could calculate the spectral resolution (how precise the emission measurements could be). This should remain roughly constant at all wavelengths, and whilst my values for resolution were not massively different, there was still more variation than I would have liked.

Background reading is a crucial part of any research placement, and so I have also read a few papers this week (one of which I have reviewed here). This is something I have not needed to do before in as much depth as I am doing now, so this is very good experience for me to gain. Understanding them takes up a lot of time, since most of them are written for people with more knowledge than me, and it is taking me a while to get used to the style of the language that the authors use. As part of our internship, we each need to present two papers in front of our supervisor and peers, and I have been preparing for that a lot this week as well. I had the aim of presenting it this week as well, but that shall have to wait until next Thursday now due to the NAM conference. However, it also contains lots of information relevant to Umar’s and my project, since it looks at another high redshift Lyman-alpha emitting galaxy, and there are many comparisons I can draw.

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