In the 2017-2018 year, 8 interns were selected to take part in the XGAL internships. Not only  made up of Lancaster students, this year the group is fortunate to have members coming from the universities of Oxford and Nottingham. Dr David Sobral has proposed two projects with great ambitions: the Galaxy Hunting project and the Metal Poor Stars project. Each member has introduced themselves and explained in which project they are working on here

During 6 weeks in June and July, these 8 interns will have the opportunity to work in the Lancaster Physics Department and take part or assist in the Observational Astrophysics group events such as weekly meetings, seminars, the Journal Club where papers are discussed, on some group lunches and even coffee or tea breaks. Therefore, you can find information on what we’re doing in this website and on the blog, where we’ll be uploading weekly posts about each project, paper reviews and possibly some interviews about the PhD students and professors that work in the department.