2019 (First Gen)

Meet the 2019 Astro group project research groups: Check their results of the week here

LAMPSS: Olivia BrayTheory LeadSam DickerError analysis LeadEllie WorrellCoordinatorKarolina WresiloData LeadJack BagnessCommunications LeadNiam PatelAdministrator/WP Lead.
SNAG: John PollardReport Lead; Phoebe Stainton, Theory Lead; Charlie Alexander, Coordinator; Ciara Lithgow, Administrator; Tom Measey, Communications; Jonathan Dixon, Data Analysis Lead; Pascale Desmet, Coding Lead
WARP: From left to right we have: LCdr. Geordi La Forge (Joe Gough; theory lead), Cdr. Deanna Troi (Claire O’Neill; communications lead), LCdr. Data (Joshua Butterworth; coding lead), Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Andrew Jenkins; coordinator), Guinan (Flo Wragg; administrator) and Cdr. William T. Riker (James Edwards; error analysis lead).
SHREDS: From top left to right: Dan Hodder (work package lead), Adam Russ (coordinator), Oliver Wareing (communications lead), Cass Barlow-Hall (theory lead), Joe Bramwell (administrator), and Michael Merrett (data analysis lead)
GOC: Globular/Open clusters. Harry Baker, Hamish Child, Matthew Hodge, Emma Dodd, Alexander Hackett-Evans & Thomas Harrison

Check their results of the week here