WARP – Week 6

Captain’s log, stardate: -303819.

As we have finished all of our main lab work, this week was just correcting plots, taking a closer look at some of our bodies and getting started on the group report.

Two of our previously shown figures have been updated, one of which is the heatmap. With this figure, the errors were fixed so that they are now the correct orientation as previously they were not.

The final heatmap used to find the metallicity of the bodies now with the correct errors.

The other updated figure is the number density plot, now with better-labelled axes and errors on each data point.

A plot of number density per spectral type now with errors and better-labelled axes.

In the previous blog post, it could be seen that we had some bodies that we thought could be metal-poor stars. We looked at these stars, as well as others that we were not sure were galaxies or stars, in a piece of imaging software called DS9 in which you can look at the image with a greater contrast to observe its shape more easily. It was concluded that all of the stars shown last week, shown again below, are stars apart from WARP-1 and WARP-9 which cannot be classified as stars or galaxies solely from their shape. This means they cannot be ruled out as they could still potentially be metal-poor stars. As well as these, there are also two more potentially metal-poor stars; WARP-40 and WARP-57.

Images of bodies which could potentially be metal-poor stars.

Other than this, we have just been making progress on the group report where sections have been designated to each member and we aim to have a first draft at the beginning of next week.

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