“MASOSA is my favorite astronomical object because it has a bit of my name in it”

Sérgio Santos, another of David Sobral’s PhD students has been working with David since they were both in Lisbon, has a galaxy named after him. This galaxy, MASOSA, was a massive discovery by the team and is named after Jorryt Matthee, David Sobral, and Sérgio Santos, using the first two letters of each of their surnames. Sérgio’s research during his PhD has also been groundbreaking, finding almost 4000 distant galaxies in different redshift cuts in the COSMOS field, among which were CR7, MASOSA, and VR7, discovered together with David Sobral and others. 

However, Sérgio was actually interested in exoplanets rather than super distant galaxies until he started an Undergraduate project with David in Lisbon and it changed the direction of his research, and eventually brought him to Lancaster.  

This summer, Sérgio is working on finishing off his PhD and finally becoming Dr. Sérgio Santos, with his VIVA happening the first week of August. His most important bit of advice to the new members of the team, interns Amaia, Louis, and Emily, is “Have fun, you are studying super distant galaxies, many of them never seen before. What you are doing is groundbreaking and so exciting”

Sérgio has featured on both the Portuguese version and English version of David Sobral’s podcast, The Earth is flat on planet Pluto, which you can check out the Portuguese version here and the English version here !

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