“I want to contribute in a meaningful way to the beautiful world of scientific research”

Louis Marinho Fernandes, one of the interns in the SC4K in GOODS-S internship team (read about his project here), has been fascinated by everything related to the Universe since he was a child. Louis ended up on the XGAL team through an Ogden Trust internship. He is originally from France, but is currently studying at University College London, as a second year MSci student.  

Louis finds galaxies in general extremely fascinating, and is continuously in awe thinking about how each of them contains billions of stars, and that they can be part of clusters, which are then part of superclusters. His current internship is contributing to this feeling of awe he has towards the universe. Louis is always inspired by the world of scientific research and this internship, as well as another internship he did in the Summer of 2019 at Lancaster University, are some of his first steps towards starting his journey in science.

This summer, Louis is working together with Amaia and Emily on building a catalogue of Lyman alpha emitting galaxies in the GOODS South field, using some brand-new techniques to decide how to eliminate noise to then discover and categorize hundreds, if not thousands, of Lyman alpha emitting galaxies.  

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