“Humans have always been curious about the night sky; it’s nice to see that some things haven’t changed!”

Emily Wickens is a first year student at Lancaster University who applied to do an internship with the XGAL team, not expecting to be chosen, however, she ended up on the team due to a fantastic application.  

Emily’s journey through astrophysics started when she was a child and a massive Doctor Who fan. During sixth form, she completed an astrophysics research project at the University of Hertfordshire, her local university, which was a fantastic achievement, and it made her decision to study astrophysics a no-brainer.  

Her favorite topic that isn’t studied in the XGAL team is the early universe and how it formed. If she couldn’t do physics, she’d have indulged in her interest in the history of languages and studied linguistics.  

This summer, Emily is working with Louis and Amaia on the GOODS-S catalogue of Lyman-alpha emitting galaxies (check out their project here), something that she’s excited about. One of the reasons that astronomy inspires her is that throughout history so many cultures and peoples have studied the stars and we’re still doing it today.  

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