SOX 6 Return of the Weird Guy

As an avid reader for SOX, you probably know all about our legendary focus and mental stability, hence this week’s Quote of the Week!!!! Apparently we’re making this a thing now. As a brief overview of the week, we scared off a possible friendly group to cite in our report, we made some incredible advancements in our simulation code, ditched VULCAN and slid into Dr Zita Martins’ DMs.

Quote of the Week: 

“You know, I’ve always wanted to break a  group” – Joe Head

This masterpiece of a quote came after the Great Meme Lord Dr Sobral suggested we collaborate with the group HELP. This research team has spent the past 6 weeks scouring through exoplanet data and so would be a useful source for when we start using similar data. Naturally this group is hard working, intelligent and mentally stable. So Joe wanted to break them. Sadly, I fear he scared them off when he asked them about their favourite flowers and the colour of their eyes. Now they won’t even read our love letter 😦 

A sudden turn of events!!!! Mid writing this and crying, we received a reply! We shall meet with them Monday and come bearing a whole new love letter!!!! They won’t know what hit them. I think it was the poem Joe wrote:

Fig.4 – A visual representation of the romantic, smooth talkin’ you can expect from Joe Head. You’ll find his sweet moves very purrsuasive….

Having sent off an email to Dr Zita martins requesting a meeting to go over the biochemistry in our theories of extraterrestrial silicon life, we received a prompt reply; we now have an internet rendezvous, if you will, with the lovely lady. This will prove to be a huge milestone in our project, hopefully marking the end of the theory era and the beginning of the data analysis era! Sounds like an occasion to pretend to drink with Sobral if ever there was one. 

My previous statement about ditching the 3rd party software VULCAN was a little bit of click-bait I won’t lie. We had planned on using a 3rd party simulation to ensure the accuracy of Ben & Ross’ code however many of these software required certain variables without descriptions of what they are. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating especially since we were looking for accuracy. The software VULCAN seemed promising however as we began to learn to use it, Ben and Ross had a breakthrough with their code, allowing them to determine variations to a reasonable degree of accuracy! This means that the need for a 3rd party simulator is not needed and we can spend more time perfecting the theory and the current simulation instead of playing around with weird simulators. 

The simulation seems to accurately([f]ish) calculate the maximum and minimum temperature variations on an exoplanet. Unfortunately, QTiPlot has decided to make plotting logarithmic lines of best fit nice and impossible. Here we see Ben trying to utilise the last 20 minutes of his free trial by plotting as many random best fit lines as he can:

Fig.5 – The famous 20 minute rush!!!

At least we have a mew resource for learning about semiconductor physics, an important quality of Silicon and useful for the 313 Solid State module, taught by the one and only, Britney Spear;

Fig.6 – Dr Sobral’s reaction to Britney Spears’ guide to semiconductor physics

While Big Ben was working hard with Ross on that crazy code, Joe and Lucy made a start on the report. It has been said that Joe finds it hard to take things seriously at times so writing a professional report may indeed prove a challenge for him. How will he cope?! He probably won’t. Lucy on the other hand is a PRO writing person, she just needs to remember to cite things and fact check with that genius guy Joe… As well as this, Xinyi made some remarkable progress on looking into silane based compounds for life, it seems as though it may well be a possibility! We’ll need to discuss a little more with Dr Zita Martins on Wednesday, wish the team good luck!!!!

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