2022 (4th Gen)

The 2022 Observational Astrophysics group project started in January 2022 with brand new Astrophysics projects, new research groups and brilliant new results. Projects focus on studies from Saturn to very distant galaxies, including surveying and studying fossil metal-poor stars in our Galaxy. Check out the research groups and follow their work over the next 10 weeks!

SAVS: Seasonal Variation of Saturn’s Northern & Southern Auroras

Members of the team investigating the variation of auroras on Saturn as seasons change
(L-R) Mission Leader, Leah Potts; Chief Literature Researcher, Diyura Sasitharan; Chief Report Writer, Michelle Ly; Administrator, Emily Jago; Communications Officer, Munirih Marie; and Chief Data Analyst, Jude McLoughlin.

JEANS – Just Examining AstroNomical Systems

(L-R) Theory Lead, Anton Belov; Coding Lead, Gethin Hughes; Data Lead, Nick Misiiuk; Errors and Comms, Yunzhe Li; Administrator, Nathan Chong; and Project Lead, Iestyn Lewis.

SIMPS: Search Into Metal-Poor Stars

(Left to right) Paula Echemendia Fernandez – Administrator; Joshua Paterson – Task Lead; Leah Clare – Coordinator;
Joe Butler – Code Lead; James Forster – Theory Lead

FROG DAB: the Formation Rate Of stars within Galaxies Due to the Aftermath of Blackholes

From Left to Right – Fenn, Adrien, Jonathan, April, Atlas, and Jacob