FROG DAB: the Formation Rate Of stars within Galaxies Due to the Aftermath of Blackholes

Hello there, we’re the Frog Dabbers, and this is our blog!!

My name is April, and over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you on an adventure in physics. To show you the incredible work my team and I have investigated; one of the most interesting phenomena of the known universe … Black Holes.

“This is where the fun begins”

Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars: Episode III
Revenge of the Sith

But who are we? And why should you listen to a word we say? Well this introductory post will hopefully inform and convince you of the answers to those questions. We are the Frog Dabbers, a group of genius physicists with only one goal in mind, to answer all the questions currently stumping physicists around the world, or at least some of them idk depends how much time we have left.

From Left to Right – Fenn, Adrien, Jonathan, April, Atlas, and Jacob

Look there we are, the coolest kids in school if ever there were some, but let’s put a name to those faces:

  • Jonathan Head – Learner of the Theory, Calculator of the Maths
  • Adrien Vitart – Checker of the Errors, Aider to the Analyzer
  • Atlas Patrick – Thinker of the Knowledge, Aider to the Code
  • April Dalby – Scriber of the Code, Blogger of the Blogs
  • Jacob Hughes – Reader of the Data, Knower of the Sky
  • Fenn Leppard – Writer of Reports, Coder of the Code

Our task at hand is a lengthy one, we need to analyze the many different attributes of black holes which lie at the center of galaxies and answer some important questions. Do black holes have a positive, negative or no effect on star formation in galaxies? What aspect of black holes, if any, causes these effects? Just how many errors in April’s work is Adrien going to find? Only time will tell…

Conveniently we have many tools at hand. There are hundreds of thousands of data points for black holes in both the Lega-C and Z-Cosmos data sets and thanks to our theory experts we already have some methods laid out for us. Those Black Holes don’t stand a chance against the Frog Dabbers, and now our journey begins.

“These guys are the smartest people I have worked with!”

David Sobral in 10 weeks

Do stay tuned dear reader, as my weekly updates on our research blows the limit of human knowledge sky high.

Fare thee well

Week 1 – Astronomical –

Week 2 – The Big Bois –

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