Astro Group Project 2020

The 2020 Observational Astrophysics group project started in January 2020 with brand new Astrophysics projects, new research groups and brilliant new results. Projects include studying distant active super massive black holes with X-ray and radio data, numerically solving cosmic re-ionisation and testing which sources might have done it, along with searching for super distant galaxies around CR7, VR7 and MASOSA! Check out the research groups and follow their work over the next 10 weeks!

Supervisor: Dr. David Sobral

ReHILAE: Is Re-ionisation of Hydrogen due to Lyman-alpha emitters (LAEs)?

CHARSS: Changing Accretion Rates of Supermassive Black Holes in SC4K.

BAHAMAS: Black Active Holes Are Massive And Super

TEABAG: The Environment Around Bright Ancient Galaxies.

TEABAG Team Members: Ryan, Catherine, Matthew, Bentley, Kyle

THE BOIS: Tracking HypervElocity BlackhOle-Origin stars

Check out the 2019 astro group project groups, their blogs and also their final research papers, published in our journal: Notices of Lancaster University Astrophysics (NLUAstro).

Some of the 2019 first generation Astro group project students.