Become Vera Rubin

Learn to measure galaxy rotation curves, in the same way that Vera Rubin did, leading to her discoveries of proof of the existence of dark matter. Use the programs that astrophysicists use to make these kinds of discoveries, and analyse why you think these galaxy rotation curves show that Dark Matter exists.

Step 1: Download all the documents

Table to fill in your data is here

You will be primarily using an app called TopCat. If you don’t already have it installed, to download it go to this website, and scroll down to the Downloads sections and select your Operating System. Don’t worry if you’ve never used TOPCAT before everything is explained in the video and instructions document!!

You will also have to download Anaconda on this website, in order to be able to run Python programs that are needed for this activity.

Step 2: Become Vera Rubin and explore galaxy rotation curves

Follow the instructions in this video or in the instructions document that will have everything you need to know! (But first read the theory document so you know what is actually going on)

For Mac:

For Windows:

Step 3: Let us know what you found and what you thought of the activity

Fill out the google form on this link to let us know how this experience was for you!