CHARSS: Changing Accretion Rates of Supermassive Black Holes in SC4K

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From left to right: Cameron Bishop, Coordinator; G. Z., Communications lead; Matthew Fahey, Administrator; Ben Adams, Coding lead and Sunny Kong, Data lead.

We are CHARSS and we are looking at the accretion rates of super massive black holes inside active galaxies. Using the SC4K catalogue of around 4000 galaxies, we aim to identify ones that are AGN using both radio and X-ray data. The idea is that since radio data spans over a longer time period than the X-ray we can look at AGN that are found in both the X-ray and the radio and calculate accretion rates using both pieces of data. Radio data will give us accretion rates in the distant past and X-ray data will be more current, we can then begin to understand how accretion rates have changed over time.

We also aim to find relationships between accretion rate and red-shift, and accretion rate and morphology. By binning the AGN based on luminosity we can compare the accretion rates to red-shift for galaxies of similar luminosity.

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