HELP: Habitable Exoplanet search through Line-Spectra and other Properties

Group Members and roles:

Amaia Imaz Blanco – Coordinator
(Middle row, 4th from left)

Owen Patel – Communications Lead
(Front row, 6th from the left)

Harry Stephenson – Data / Coding Lead
(Front row, 1st on the left)

Anna Rankin – Administrator
(Back row, 7th from the left)

For our 10-week project, our group will be looking into what fraction of exo-planets are suitable to harbor human life. To consider the appropriate candidates, we will be researching the parameters needed for an exo-planet to be habitable and conclude the boundaries for each property. 

Please check our posts below to keep up to date with our project.

Week 3: Research

Week 4: Filling in the gaps

Weeks 6-7: Applying physical laws

Weeks 8-9: The end is in sight