LancAstrophysics Conferences and Workshops at Lancaster

LancAstrophysics 2019 took place on October 4th, 2019 in Physics

The Observational Astrophysics group within the Physics Department at Lancaster organises mini-conferences and workshops to discuss the work conducted by staff, postdocs and students and promote scientific discussions and sharing of the best practices, organised by David Sobral and the #XGAL group.


LancAstrophysics 2018 took place on Oct 5th, 2018: full program here.


LancAstrophysics 2017: full program here.

IMG_0901Some of the speakers at the end of the LancAstrophysics 2017 mini-conference. From left to right: Sergio Santos, Steve Williams, Emma Dodd, Umar Burhanudin, Izzy Garland, Laurence Day, Andrea Johnson, Jess Craig.

IMG_0877Joao Calhau carefully listening to  Izzy Garland and Umar Burhanudin showing the Hubble Space Telescope 2D grism spectra of clump A in the CR7 galaxy.