LancAstrophysics 2017 mini-conference


Tuesday, July 25th 2017, C36, Physics

10:00 Coffee + Biscuits Chairs: João Calhau & Jess Craig
10:30 Talk 1 David Sobral Welcome and overview: exploring the Universe with the largest surveys
10:50 Talk 2 Emma, Laurence & Lauren Project1: ALMA [CII] in and around CR7: are early ionised bubbles over-dense?
11:20 Talk 3 Izzy & Umar Projects 2-3: CLOUDY simulations, HST grism observations and applications
Chairs: Emma, Laurence & Lauren
11:50 Talk 4 Sergio Santos SC4K: Evolution of typical Lyα emitters across cosmic time
12:10 Talk 5 Andrea Johnson Distant bright galaxies – what did they look like?
LUNCH + informal discussions
Chairs: Izzy and Umar
13:30 Talk 6 Jess Craig Project 4: Morphologies and Mergers in a distant superstructure
13:50 Talk 7 Joao Calhau On the black hole activity of Lya emitters across cosmic time
14:10 Steve WOMAD Steve Williams Expansion of the Universe
15:00 Final Informal Discussions with coffee+tea Final informal discussions and presentation of internship blog