LancAstrophysics 2018 mini-conference

LancAstrophysics 2018 #LancAstro2018                                         Updated: October 5th

Friday, October 5th 2018A7, Physics                                                 All welcomed!

lightroom-0327Session 1: Observational Astrophysics: meet the Astros

Chairs: Nick Amos & Jon Carrick
10:00 – Isobel Hook: Welcome and overview of 2018 Astro group
10:10 – John Stott: Using black holes as torches to illuminate cosmic noon
10:15 – David Sobral: Time travelling through the Universe: from the Milky Way to the epoch of re-ionisation
10:20 – Sérgio Santos: The nature and evolution of LAEs across time with SC4K

Session 2: From the Extra-galactic Universe to the halo of the Milky Way

Chairs: Emma Dodd, Joao Calhau & Andrew Jenkins
10:25Brooke Simmons: Supermassive Black Hole Growth & Galaxy Co-Evolution
10:40 – Nick Amos: IFUs: A 3D view across cosmic time
10:55Will Thompson, Cassandra Barlow-Hall & Matthew Gorton: Hunting for galaxies (and distant pigeons) with the MUSE/VLT
11:05Tom Cornish: Searching for the most metal poor stars in the MW Halo
11:15Pablo Arrabal Haro (IAC): Searching for high-z LAEs and LBGs in the SHARDS survey

11:25 – Astro group Photos + Break/Coffee + Biscuits [Physics Atrium]

lightroom-0342Photos by Gordon Chapman-Fox, Faculty Digital Content Officerlightroom-0315

Chairs: Sérgio Santos & Charlie Alexander
11:40Julie Wardlow: Unveiling the most dusty & active galaxies in the Universe
11:55Steve Williams: Type Ia supernovae: from redshift 0 to redshift 2.2
12:10Jon Carrick: Supernova classification with machine learning
12:20Joao Calhau: The Bare-Bones of LAEs – X-ray properties of SC4K
12:30Alejandro Lumbreras-Calle (IAC): The nature of low-mass starbursts

Session 3: Student experiences: international and observing at the INT

Chairs: Cassandra Barlow-Hall & Tom Cornish
12:40Emma Dodd: ESA/LEAPS experience in the Netherlands – Dynamical origin of the flattening of globular clusters
12:50Charlie Alexander, Andrew Jenkins, Emma Dodd & Ivelin Georgiev: Observing experience at the INT in 2018