LancAstrophysics 2019 mini-conference – A07 Physics

This year’s LancAstrophysics 2019 mini-conference #LancAstro2019 took place on October 4th, 2019 in A07 Physics, from 09:50am with coffee from 09:30am in the Physics Atrium with an exciting program. A light lunch was provided for registered participants. Here’s what you missed this year if you did not make it:

09:30-09:50 – Coffee + Tea (Physics Atrium outside A07)

Session 1: Who we are & what we do – Observational Astrophysics
Chairs: Sérgio Santos & João Calhau
09:55-10:05 – Welcome, the 2019 Astro group and introducing our new PhD students (1-slide each)
10:05-10:11Brooke Simmons: Supermassive Black Hole Growth & Galaxy Co-Evolution
10:11-10:17 – John Stott: The environments of the brightest quasars
10:18-10:24 – Julie Wardlow: Sub-millimetre galaxies and their environments

Session 2: Time-travelling 1216: The Lyman-alpha Universe
Chairs: Cassandra Barlow-Hall & Harry Baker
10:25-10:40David Sobral: On the physics of Lyman-alpha emission at high redshift
10:40-10:55 – Emma Dodd: Lyman-alpha haloes across cosmic time
10:55-11:10Sérgio Santos: The evolution of Lyman-alpha emitters at z~2-6 with SC4K
11:10-11:25Josh Butterworth: The stellar mass function of LAEs and their redshift evolution
11:2511:40Joao Calhau: On the X-ray and radio activity of typical and luminous Lyα emitters from z~2 to z~6

11:40-12:00 – Coffee/tea break + Biscuits + photos [Physics Atrium]

Session 3: Gravitational waves and larger scale (gravitational) interactions + Observing experience from Lancaster Physics students
Chairs: Amaia Imaz Blanco & Matthew Chan
12:00-12:20Matthew Pitkin: An overview of gravitational-wave astronomy [Talk available here]
12:20-12:30Jess Craig: Minor Gravitational Interactions as Contributors to Supermassive Black Hole Growth
12:30-12:45Cassandra Barlow-Hall: On the physical nature of the Enterprise Merger
12:45-13:00George Greenyer, Ryan Cooper & Matt Fahey: Observing experience at the INT in 2019

13:00-14:00Lunch break (lunch provided in the Atrium) and discussions

Session 4: From Astronomy to an even wider impact in the World
Chairs: Emma Dodd & Josh Butterworth
14:00-14:15Matthew Chan: A Deep Learning Search for Galaxy Clusters
14:15-14:30Alice Cheng: Classification of images from CANDELS dataset using Convolutional Neural Networks
14:30-14:45 – Karolina Wresilo: Searching for Metal-Poor Stars in the halo of the Milky Way
14:45-15:00 Harry Baker: The Making of and how you can use it
15:00-15:10Julie Wardlow: The Lancaster Inflatable Planeratrium, aka LUniverse
15:10-15:25Amaia Imaz Blanco: XGAL-Lancaster to the World: Observing & activities
15:25-15:40Heather Wade: XGAL-Lancaster to the World: Astro discoveries DIY

15:40-16:00#LancAstro2019 Kahoot and Astro-prizes