The production and escape of Lyman photons through time and space (14/01/22)

Welcome! Here you will find information about our RAS Specialist Discussion on the production and escape of Lyman photons throughout time and space to take place virtually on 14 January 2022. Register here and submit an abstract (abstract submission deadline: Dec 3rd 2021).

Confirmed invited speakers: Anne Jaskot (Williams College, USA); Matthew Hayes (Stockholm University, Sweden), Jeremy Blaizot (Lyon, France)

Organisers: David Sobral (Lancaster, UK); Sangeeta Malhotra (NASA); Jorryt Matthee (ETH Zurich); Taylor Hutchison (Texas A&M)

The production and escape of ionising Lyman continuum (LyC; <912 Å) and resonant Lyman-α (Lyα; 1216 Å) photons in and from galaxies at different cosmic epochs (z~0-10) remain key uncertainties in galaxy formation and evolution and on the epoch of re-ionisation. In this on-line meeting we aim to foster a discussion session focused on getting most out of current and future observations and simulations of the Lyα line in distant galaxies. We also aim to further unveil and explore its connection with LyC photons with unique applications into the epoch of re-ionisation. These are all incredibly timely topics, particularly with the launch of ​JWST.​

This specialist discussion session aims to stimulate an holistic approach over​:

✦ The relation between Lyα and detailed gas properties observed at low-z;
✦ The production and escape of Lyα and LyC photons in analogues and at high-z;
✦ The stellar populations in Lyα emitters and low mass galaxies;
✦ What simulations are telling us and what we need to solve;
✦ The Lyα-LyC connection: causes and consequences;
✦ Lyα and reionization.

Save the date: 14 January 2022 and register here and submit an abstract.

What to look out for:

✦ Discussions on slack will kick-start at least 1 week before the discussion session to obtain the opinion of participants and to drive (in advance) some of the science discussions. The webpage of the meeting will share further information.
✦ Participants are encouraged to share papers relevant to the discussion and contribute on slack and also to introduce themselves there (e.g. ECRs)
✦ Poster presenters will be able to post their posters and short videos (1-2 min) 1 week in advance and start taking questions + discuss their work.

Key dates/timeline:

06/05/21: First announcement and pre-registration opens.

07/11/21: Registration + abstract submission opens. Register here and submit an abstract.

03/12/21: Abstract deadline. Anonymous abstract review starts.

17/12/21: Preliminary program released.

05/01/22: Slack space opens: discussions start.

14/01/22: LymanRAS on Zoom.