Observing 2019

Visits to a Professional Astronomical Observatory – 2018/2019

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Get to know some of the telescopes doing a variety of science discoveries in La Palma, from our own Physics students.

This year’s trip to professional observatories took place during 18-23 June 2019. In total, 3 Lancaster University students took part in this experience, all finishing their 2nd year, George, Matt and Ryan.In addition to observing at the Isaac Newton Telescope and seeing all practical aspects of the full observing experience, the students also had specific tours to the largest telescope in the world (10.4m), the GTC, and they visited the vast majority of other telescopes. As part of sharing the experience, students recorded short videos next to each telescope and other students were involved in the planning. See their observing blog posts here.

Our full Lancaster observing team for La Palma 2019. From left to right: The Milky Way, a pile of stones, a geographical marker, George Greenyer, Matt Fahey, David Sobral & Ryan Cooper.
The view from the mountain at night and the clouds, down. We could easily see the Milky Way, along with Jupiter (brightest single source), and some faint, fuzzy artificial light in the horizon (mostly coming from the other island, Tenerife).

The 3 students  standing in front of the largest telescope in the World, GTC. From left to right: George Greenyer, Ryan Cooper, Matt Fahey.