XGAL-DIY: Hunt For Distant Galaxies – Step By Step

Step 1 – The simple theory behind the search for distant galaxies

This short video explains the theory behind the hunt for distant galaxies. You will learn how astronomers at Lancaster and throughout the World use redshift, telescopes and the Lyman Break to make exciting discoveries about the early Universe.

Step 2 – Download the images from the Subaru telescope and the program

Next, let’s download all of the files needed. Below you will find the images you will use to find the distant galaxies, and the written instructions of how to complete the task.

The program you will be using is called SAOImage DS9, or just DS9 for short. Download it and follow the instructions. Don’t worry if you have never used DS9 before, the video below will explain everything!

Step 3 – Find CR7 and new distant galaxies: make your own discoveries!

Now let’s find some super-distant galaxies! These videos you will find everything you need. Enjoy becoming a distant galaxy hunter and then tell us all about what you found!

Level 0 – Some interesting background information about CR7

Level 1 – Find CR7

Level 2 – Find many more new distant galaxies!

Step 4 – Tell us about the galaxies you have discovered

Now that you have found the distant galaxies, let us know! Fill in the Google Form with your answers and ask professional distant galaxy hunters a question!