XGAL-DIY: Mapping the Universe

In this activity you’ll be learning how astrophysicists at Lancaster University (and in many other places) use the data to slice the universe in cosmic time in an exciting journey to the distant universe.

Step 1: Watch the introductory theory video so you can begin to understand what exactly it is you’re doing!

This short video explains the theory behind how the galaxies that you’ll be using for this activity were found.

Step 2: Download the data and the images that you will need to do this activity.

Next let’s download the program you’ll be using, as well as the data and the written instructions about the activity (to complement the video that you’ll be following along to)

Download Topcat here (follow the instructions when you get there)

Step 3: Begin Mapping the Universe!

These videos will take you step by step through everything you need to do in other to get this activity just right!

Level 1: Calculating redshift

Level 2: Distance and Age

Level 3: Plotting the graph

Level 4: Star Formation Activity

Level 5: Supermassive Black Holes

Level 6: seeing the galaxies

Step 4: Give us some feedback and contact us directly!

Now that you’ve mapped the Universe, let us know! Fill out our Google form here!