XGAL goes live on youtube: talk shows discussing Astronomy, Observing and much more!

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The Earth is Flat on Planet Pluto / A Terra é plana no Planeta Plutão: English and Portuguese talk shows: Wednesdays@5.30pm + Sat@21h

The Earth is flat on Planet Pluto – S0E0: 02/06/2020 – Episode 0 of english version – observing at professional telescopes, neutrinos, astronomy, space science and “crazy units”. With Karolina Wresilo, Emma Dodd and Andre Jenkins.

During June and July, XGAL will be running weekly outreach live talk shows hosted by David Sobral with XGAL members and other fantastic international guests to talk and have fun with lots of exciting Astronomy topics, observing and the human side of Science and Astrophysics. The english version takes place, live from Youtube, on Wednesdays, 5.30pm. We will be live from 5.25pm where you can enjoy music recorded at the Isaac Newton Telescope by XGAL members.

S1E1 – Giants of the Solar system, their moons and the search for potential life with Charlie Alexander, Andrew Jenkins and George Greenyer (10/06/2020)

S1E2 – Galaxies, how they form and where to find them with Heather Wade, Izzy Garland and Tom Cornish (17/06/2020)

Live on 24/06/2020 5.30pm: S1E3 – What we can’t see but it’s still out there: neutrinos, dark matter and dark energy, with Karolina Wresilo & Jon Carrick.

Live on 01/07/2020 5.30pm UK S1E4: Rebecca Larson and Taylor Hutchison join us from the USA to talk about super distant galaxies, how to find them and what we have been learning with the largest telescopes

Next episodes:

Live on 08/07/2020 5.30pm UK S1E5: Join Andra Stroe from Harvard, Ana Afonso from Lisbon University and Matthew Chan from Lancaster University as we talk about cities of galaxies and what happens when they merge – shocking!

Live on 15/07/2020 5.30pm UK S1E6: Join the amazing Brooke Simmons, Julie Wardlow and João Calhau from Lancaster University as we talk about super-massive black holes and super-active galaxies that formed stars like there was no tomorrow.

Live on 22/07/2020 5.30pm UK S1E7: Join Rita Tojeiro from St Andrews, Emma Dodd from Groningen/Lancaster and David O’Ryan from Lancaster University as we explore galaxy archeology, galaxy mergers, globular clusters and much more!

Live on 29/07/2020 5.30pm UK S1E8: Season finale – 5 years since the discovery of COSMOS Redshift 7 (CR7) with those that discovered it and other very distant galaxies – what have we found? Jorryt Matthee from ETH Zurich, Sergio Santos from Lancaster and Heather Wade also from Lancaster.

Interested? Subscribe now to our XGAL Youtube channel where we will be running all the live events and ask questions:


Topics will include: Black holes, distant galaxies, extra-solar planets, observing in large telescopes, our solar system, stars & much more.