Exploring Carbon emissions from CR7 with ALMA

ALMA (Atacama Large Milimetre/Submilimetre Array) is an array of 66 high precision antennas located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It acts as a powerful telescope, observing in the infrared and radio wavelengths. In this project, we study ALMA observational data on CR7 and look for Carbon emission lines.

Aims of the project:
  • Understand how to use the reduced 3D cubes.
  • Learning some basic tools.
  • Measure limits on dust mass.
  • Measure [CII] globally and per component.
  • Look for [CII] emission elsewhere in the map (at different redshifts) and more importantly at a similar redshift.
  • Quantify number density of [CII] clumps and compare with other similar ALMA maps: is it an over-dense region?
  • Read on and interpret [CII] – look into other lines and explore predicting H2O lines given the CII detection and other properties.